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The Bus Driver: Juncture 101 TRAILER

Here it is folks and clowns … “The Bus Driver: Juncture 101″ official trailer. Get a sneak peak at what The Over Show has in store for Halloween.

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The Over Show Family Band premieres LEGEND OF THE BUS

This is the theme song to our new short that will premiere here on Halloween. It was written by Jer/BK and played by The Over Show Family Band, which in this case consisted of Montes on lead guitar, Nick D. on bass, Jer Tokyo-Drift Scrambles on rhythm guitar, drum arrangement, & backup vocals and finally myself (BK) on lead vocals. Download, share, listen, and get ready for The Bus Driver to arrive on all hallows eve!

The Over Show Family Band – Legend Of The Bus (Soundtrack Single EP) by TheOverShow


Well the legend of the bus spans space and time (space and time)

And the bus driver is, the man who drives (the bus driver drives)

You might spot them rolling, through your town (rolling through your town)

P-p-p-p-picking up them folks, and dropping of those clowns (folks and clowns)

Many many stories have been spoke, of the places the bus goes (places high and low)

But the bus driver has no destination, he just rolls (the road is his home)

So don’t you hesitate, when he arrives (don’t just stand there stupid)

Just hop on the bus, and pay a dollar 45 for a one way ride (dollar 45, one way ride)

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The Bus Driver: Juncture 101 Teaser

It’s almost here folks. We’ve been working on this short for awhile and it will be ready for viewing pleasure promptly on Halloween (next Monday for those without a calendar). Until then we will be releasing posters, teasers, and other goodies to get you siked for the arrival of The Bus Driver in Juncture 101.

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Outtakes from “Some X-Files Shit”

Yesterday we posted the short video “Some X-Files Shit,” and throughout the shooting of that video we were throwing Austin’s BMX bike around like we bought it at Toys ‘R Us for $9.99. Needless to say it was painful for Austin to watch his bike CRASH, BANG, FALL, & POW all over the place, but in the end it was all worth it … I think!

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Austin & Skiba in Some X-Files Shit

This is a short web film video thing we shot last week with Skiba and Austin. The outtakes will be up shortly as well because even though this worked out pretty well in the end, we practically destroyed Austin’s bike in the process and he was not to happy bout it.

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An open letter to Ryan Dunn:

Ryan Dunn we’re going to miss you. You were probably never the most recognized or well known of the Jackass crew, but you were one of the funniest and most entertaining. It’s safe to say that without the CKY movies, Tom Green, & Jackass that The Over Show would not exist or at the very least would be a much different sort of endeavor.

A testament to your entertaining nature was the fact that of all the secondary Jackass members (after Knoxville, Bam, Pontius, & Steve-O) you were the only one to get his own show on MTV after the series informally ended. Homewrecker was not genius television, but YOU were genius casting for the host position. You’re off kilter personality and “everyone’s a fucking fuck” attitude made the show funny even when the contestants tried their hardest to be as lame as possible.

But the stunt I will always remember you for came in the very first Jackass movie. You stuck a tiny toy car up your asshole and then headed to a doctor’s office complaining of a pain in your tailbone. Even Steve-O (arguably the most insane Jackass member at the time) refused the stunt, citing that his Father would never speak to him again if he went through with such a thing. I’ve no idea what the filming crew or anyone else told the doctor, but he seemed to be legitimately out of the loop when you arrived for your X-ray. It was an absurd idea and one that could have wound up not being funny, but it made the final cut of the movie and we’re all thankful for that.

One strange thing in all of this, Dunn, is that also during the filming of the first Jackass movie you crashed a golf cart so badly that for a few seconds it looked as though you actually might have killed or paralyzed Knoxville. After surviving this and other crazy stunts throughout the years I never could have believed that your death would be the result of a car crash. In the commentary of the first Jackass movie Bam even notes your poor driving in the golf car accident. Perhaps you shouldn’t have been behind the wheel at all, ever. Or perhaps you just had too much too drink last night and made a poor decision. Or perhaps, it was, as they say, just your time to go.

As more details emerge of last night’s accident I’m sure my feelings on this situation will change. But for now, I’m not mad Dunn, just disappointed. Disappointed that we have to be reminded once again that no one is invincible, that alcohol is a conduit for both fun and tragedy, but mostly disappointed that you literally drove yourself to your own death. It’s hard to accept that after making your name as a daredevil that you could actually die doing something stupid. It just didn’t seem possible.

R.I.P Ryan Dunn (June 11, 1977 – June 20, 2011)

FYI: Just to clarify (ahem … Austin), I’m not so much disappointed in Ryan Dunn’s actions as I am in the fact that someone who seemed (like the rest of the Jackass guys do) so impossible to kill or seriously injure, died as a result of an accident. If Jackass 1, 2, & 3 didn’t kill any of these guys, I didn’t think anything could except for maybe old age, aids, and cancer.

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Every year the Boston Marathon effectively shuts down the entire city for one Monday in April. In 2008 BK took his camera with him to capture the magical madness that exists on the streets and in the drunken minds of most of the events spectators. To be fair there are plenty of sober family members and friends cheering on their runners, but mostly there is, to quote this hella short documentary, “widespread drunkeness” and it’s a blast.
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This was a quite brilliant documentary that we put together about a Guitar Hero competition at a local Hooters restaurant. Chris Scully aka Skulls has to overcome outrageously big boobed obstacles in order to maintain focus and battle through the slew of guitar heros present at this competition. He has some highs and lows leading up the comp and throughout it, but at the end of the day he’ll aways be a mofucking champion!

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LADIES & GENTLEMAN … The Great American Ego Trip!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of allllllll ages WTBU and The Over Show proudly bring to you … THE GREATEST RADIO SHOW … IN THE WORLD … THE GREAT AMERICAN EGO TRIP! I’m your host the Prime Time Patriot and with me as always is the man who bleeds starts and stripes ….

That’s how DiSalvs and I would start every episode of our radio show at Boston University’s WTBU … they were golden, golden hours of radio, listened to round the world by someone I think. Anyways I used to have a radio show with the guy who voiced the intro to Worthless and it was good times, the video below is all we have left of those glorious days.

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Coachella Begins Today

Coachella 2011 begins today and so does the re-upload of our first day at Coachella 2010. I remember this day fondly from last year even though I felt hungover before we ever even got there and we left really late and I didn’t get to see Frank Turner open the festival up (still not happy about that). But all in all it was a good day, got to see the infamous Johnny Rotten perform at the same time as Jay Z and actually overpower him in terms of decibels. Also on tap was Them Crooked Vultures and some damn good food (I could really go for a Coachella pastrami sandwhich right now). Saturday of 2010 coming up tomorrow.

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