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This Video Features Concrete Crew \ Hella Grip Homies Kevin Closson & Jake Sorensen..

Sunrise Scooter Competition at Rusch Skatepark in Citrus Heights, Ca. on May 9th 2015..


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The 2013 Sacramento Street Jam

The 2013 Sacramento Street Jam was on Saturday August 10, 2013. It was the first street jam in Sacramento, CA. Hella juiced that we got to be a part of the first Sac Street Jam! Had a lot of fun filming & kick’n it with all the Sac homies. Big shout out to Hella Grip Homie Jake Sorensen for kill’n it all day! And of course the one & only Mr. Andrew Haag, the video doesn’t show it but the Haag killed himself going for that 3 down the double set! Big Thanx to Sac-Edgar (Epic-Edgar) & Ricky Cox.

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Mothership Vid’s

Below are 2 videos that we edited for MotherShip Scooter Shop located in Everett, WA. They are a great group of young & upcoming riders with a killer website The first video was inspired by “Encounters with the 3rd Kind”, the video is some of the team riding a flat rail on a rainy day in a parking lot..

The second video is the 1st part of the Mixtape series by MotherShip. It was filmed in their local Seattle Area & with 2 trips to California in a 5 months span. Video features mothership team riders Jessee Ikedah, Brent Reid, Kingsley Okocha, Mike Montgomery, Jake O’Donnell, and Travis Minion.

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Knock Knock Joke with Orolfo & Fats

FIRST VIDEO OF THE NEW YEAR!!!! How do you say?,,, HELL YEAH FUCK YEAH SHIT YEAH!! Ok, good! Had to get that out of the way. So Today we have a new short vid we filmed a few weeks back. It’s starring the amazing Fats Boss & the comic genius Andrew Orolfo. It’s just a good old fashioned knock knock joke….

Also if your in the Bay Area on February 23 Andrew & Mark Smalls will be preforming at the Stagewerx in San Francisco (446 Valencia street x 16th street
San Francisco California 94103). Always a good time!!

Should have more videos coming soon…

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Behind the Scenes of “The Bus Driver: Cruisin’ with Claus”

Last year we made a video called “The Bus Driver: Cruisin’ with Claus”, this year we have a iphone clip from behind the scenes! AND Merry Christmas to all!! and to all a goodnight!

Behind the Scenes of “The Bus Driver: Cruisin’ with Claus” from The Over Show on Vimeo.

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Night Out On the Town with Addison McNaughton

After a Long Day at the Office Addison McNaughton hits the Streets of Down Town Oakland, Ca…

Night Out On the Town with Addison McNaughton from The Over Show on Vimeo.

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Homies Sherd Part 2 – “jeffz vidz”

This week on “Homies Shred” we find the homies Austin, Morgan & myself shredding the gnar at the beautiful Richmond Skate Plaza of Northern California. THATS NOT ALL! “It wouldn’t be Homies Sherd without….thats right the Haag!! the Guys pick up Andrew Haag and then head off to San Francisco to end an amazing day!

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On January 29th (year of our lord) The Over Sow Family and I attended the 2012 Oakland A’s FanFest at the Oracle Arena. It was an amazing day, we BBQ’d doof and had some brews. Ronald “Big Ron” Sharpe happened to film some FANtastic footy out front of the Oakland Coliseum ( that would later be used in a video titled “Oakland Sesh with Big Ron” . Ron in this video say’s because he landed his trick first try the Oakland A’s would now win the AL West, at that point in time  no one in the world thought there was a chance in hell of that happening.

On October 3, 2012 Ron’s prediction came true!!! The video above shows a little bit of the end of wednesdays game and also has a phone call i had with Ron following his amazing prediction. Was the end of an amazing regular season and the beginning of any fantastic post season! LETS GO OAKLAND!!!!

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Homies Shred Vol1

IN THIS first installment of the soon to be American Classic “Homies Shred.” Addison McNaughton & his fellow Hella Grip Homies shred the gnar gnar on an amazing Sunday after noon at a wonderful school in the fantastic Oakland Hill’s.

Shredding Homies:
Addison McNaughton
Andrew Haag
George Justiniano
Morgan Foster


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The Road To Camp T.O.S. #9

On January 24, 1848 gold was struck in California. Gold-seekers from surrounding U.S. states, Latin America, Europe, Australia and China rushed to Northern California in hopes of great wealth. The Sierra Nevada was home to a majority amount of the flourishing goldfields. Some say there is still gold to be found today in the rivers that run through the El Dorado Forest, which makes up part of the Sierra Nevada area. Although there is no guarantee of great wealth for the T.O.S. crew on their ninth annual camping trip, this one to be held on the Mokelumne river in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, great adventure is promised. Let this short film fill you in on the beginnings of what they did not miss out on this year. – Morgan Foster

YouTube Preview Image

The video above was filmed & edited by the one and only Morgan Foster! To top that off, he did the hole thing on his Iphone! ALL HEIL WAX ROCK!

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