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Skateboarding Walnut Creek Park

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Some nights we lose our keys. Some nights we find some garbage under a fake rock. Most nights we skate Walnut Creek Park… even when we know we shouldn’t. Look out. Bigfoot is out there. The stars are out there. Jumpin’ Jaguars exist!

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Cruising Oakland

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AKA “The Epitome Of Sick”, Co-starring Andrew Hagg & Jonny Verducci. Featuring Austin McNaughton with a special appearance by myself. We are doing just what the title says.

Also… Perennial Piranhas, and a bloody special clip produced by a walking wanker in London, England!!


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Hella Sweet San Jose Day

I had to re-up this one because the sound was so bad before. This is a day we spent with the UrbanArtt guys in San Jose. The song is “Hum” by Wintersleep. Turn it up!

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Skateboarding Oakland At Night

When the shadows are cast in a major West Coast port city and no one is around to hear them, do they make a sound? On a Saturday night, Jonny and Morgan set out to find the answer. They stayed within a half mile radius of the Oakland apartment and discovered many bumps and gaps and ledges in the shadows, some dim-lit, which only made sounds when they skated on them. So the answer to whether or not the shadows make noise is… of course not, however, a few sounds may be found in the streets and shadows only if you make them.

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