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The Siddhuey Reviewy: 21 Jump Street

A remake of a popular 80’s TV show, “21 Jump Street” stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Hill and Tatum are cops who are dumb enough to land a gig on 21 Jump Street. Their failure to remember the Miranda rights is the cause of this demotion. Prior to being moved the movie describes how Hill and Tatum became friends. Tatum was the popular high school jock who helped the high school nerd, Hill, become physically fit while Hill tutors Tatum, thus, allowing Tatum to pass academic tests.

I went into this movie with high expectations given the reviews of critics and friends, and although I wasn’t disappointed, I wasn’t super stoked either. Word of advice- go into every movie with low expectations because then an above average movie such as this one becomes great.

The movie, thankfully, doesn’t delve deeply into their past and how they overcame their differences to be friends, and instead, spends most of the time describing their experience at “21 Jump Street”. In movies revolving around high school schools, the actors are always much older than 18. In “21 Jump Street” they continually poke fun at Tatum and Hill looking like they’re 35. I really don’t know why I mentioned this, because after a while, this joke isn’t funny at all and actually becomes a tad bit annoying. Nonetheless, it’s something that happens in the movie and it takes up a paragraph in the review. Now back to the important shit- at least more important than the old jokes. Speaking of important shit, is the storyline of the movie really important? Aren’t my views of annoying laughers in the theatre equally significant? Isn’t it valid to point out that people who have level 8 or above laughs should be banned from theaters? Wouldn’t you love to hear my ideas on how to revolutionize and revamp the movie theatre experience? I hear this in my head, “Yes Justin it is valid and yes, I would love it if you could espouse the details of your revolutionary plan.” Well, I might-in a future review- but for now, let’s go over the boring stuff in the movie.

As they re-enter high school the nitwits confuse their identities and the classes Tatum is supposed to be enrolled in are now classes Hill is in. From here the role reversal begins. Hill is now the popular one and Tatum is the nerd. Surprisingly, I was impressed with Tatum’s performance. In his last comedic effort, “The Dilemma”, he was actually the funniest character; not saying much considering the atrocity that was “The Dilemma”, but still. Here, Tatum has his moments, most notably in the drug scene; Tatum and Hill are at the high school to find the supplier of these drugs.

If hard pressed to choose the better performer, I would choose Hill. In the best scene in the movie, the drug scene, Hill is better and therefore, was funnier in the movie. Outside of Hill and Tatum, there weren’t any supporting performances of note. Jonny Depp made an appearance as did the other guy from the original TV series which was nice, but nothing that made the movie that much better. Hill’s love interest is nothing special, both comedically and physically, and Rob Riggle isn’t particularly funny either. Ice Cube tries too hard to be funny and as usual he isn’t funny; remember, even in “Friday” he isn’t funny (in fairness to him, he didn’t try to be funny in “Friday”).

All in all, “21 Jump Street” is a good movie but not a great one. Would I go to the theatre to watch it? If that theatre was the drive in, yes. I give this movie a 7.5/10.

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Raw Box: The Boxes Promo B-Sides

This video is a collection of clips featuring Addison McNaughton that were shot while Chris from Boxes Ltd. was out in San Francisco shooting Addison’s first Boxes promo video. It’s hella raw dawg status, trust me.

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RAW Dawg!!

The Addict team came to Northern California last August to get footage for their long-anticipated video, “So What.” Here’s some clips of Addison when he showed the guys around for a week.

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Siddhuey Reviewy: Safe House

Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds star in this CIA action thriller. During the course of watching a movie do you ever sit back and say, “What the hell is going on”? If you like those types of movies then “Safe House” is for you.

Denzel is typical Denzel. He laughs at moments where dialogue is needed and he gets away with it because he’s Denzel. He has a really powerful monologue that really isn’t powerful at all but because he’s Denzel people will be pissed at you for saying it was cheesy, thus, you have to somehow convince yourself and others that you really thought it was powerful. The character Denzel plays is a typical Denzel character; he is really a good guy deep down but because of circumstances and things he needed to do in those circumstances, some people think he is a bad person. However, one person knows he is a good guy.

Ryan Reynolds is your typical fake movie star. Let me explain. There are tiers in the movie star industry. There are your blue-chippers, the A-List of the A-List. This group consists of Clooney, Pitt, Jolie, Depp and DiCaprio. The next tier is still a glamour tier. In this group you have those who are trying to push their way into the elite class and others who were elite but no longer. This group consists of Smith (used to be huge but that star is fading), Gosling, Hanks, Damon and Downey Jr. (I also thought about Franco here but not yet. He needs a Gosling like 2011 to get himself here). I don’t want to hear shit about this list like, where’s Stiller? Or, why isn’t so and so in this group? Just go with it. For some odd reason people want to lump Reynolds in this second tier. Why? He is likeable, was in a big summer superhero film, and was married to Johannson. But Imma be honest wit you America (Charles Barkley voice), Reynolds is nowhere near this group. Reynolds is like a wannabe elite movie star whose talents and charisma say he should be a C-List movie star (that’s not bad, I’m serious. It’s just not A-List).

Rarely does Reynolds grab the screen to the point where you are fixated on him the way you would be when DiCaprio is on the screen. Not that his lack of star power caused this movie to be poor, it’s just a talking point. The movie fails because there is a lack of coherence regarding the storyline and actors like Vera Farmiga, an above average actress in my opinion, don’t get a chance to shine. The violence isn’t all that bad but not gripping enough to save this film. However, the movie is watchable because you can laugh at it.

Overall, I give this movie a 5.5/10. Wait for it on tv.

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A Moment With Fats & Smalls: Fats Is A Bastard

Happy Birthday Jonny 2b!


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Going Going, Back Back, To EPIC EPIC

Last year the crew headed out to Epic skatepark’s scooter competition where we watched Big Ron take home 1st place and saw Zig Short go crazy off the top of The Over Show bus. Peep the videos below to relive the last comp and get yourself ready for this weekend!

Epic Comp Video:

Zig Short off the top of the TOS bus:

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Siddhuey Reviewy: NBA Mid-Season Report

We have reached the all star break and it’s time to break down the NBA. The season has been very entertaining in spite of the lack of the quality exhibited by the participants. Let’s start in the east.

Atlantic Division

Teams Wins Losses Pct.
Philadelphia 20 14 .588
New York 17 18 .486
Boston 15 17 .469
Toronto 10 23 .303
New Jersey 10 25 .286

–>Philadelphia raced to the division lead thanks to the easiest schedule in the league but once that passed they have really struggled; just three wins in their last ten. Linsanity has taken over New York but Lin is coming off his worst ever game against the Heat. I think Lin is good, although he’s looking a lot better than he is thanks to D’Antoni’s system. The signing of J.R. Smith will add depth to their bench but Smith is so selfish I worry about the chemistry in that locker room. The Knicks went on a great run because they played some shitty teams at home but now they play good teams on the road. We can evaluate them much after the conclusion of the road trip. People are down on Boston for the same reasons why they are down on the Lakers; they’re old and slow. Boston is seriously struggling to rebound but they play good defense and have one of the best coaches in the game. I know this seems crazy considering I picked New York to win the division (I still think they will) but if New York and Boston met in a playoff series, I would fancy the Celtics. Crazy I know, but New York doesn’t rebound or defend.

Central Division

Teams Wins Losses Pct.
Chicago 27 8 .771
Indiana 21 12 .636
Cleveland 13 18 .419
Milwaukee 13 20 .394
Detroit 11 24 .314

–>Oh Chicago, how beautiful and devastating are you. I just love the Bulls so much. Great coach, all time great superstar and my favorite personality in the league next to Javale McGee, Joakim Noah. The Bulls were excellent without Rose and they have been excellent with Rose. All this New York hype has people thinking the Knicks are better than the Bulls. Bullshit (notice how I used bull there). Bulls are still the second best team in the East and the league. Indiana has been up and down this year but I maintain they can be a solid three seed in the East. I also might fancy the Pacers against the Knicks in the postseason should the Pacers get the higher seed. Cleveland has been a great surprise this year with Varejao playing great until the injury. Irving has been nothing short of sensational and will be a great point guard in this league for years to come.

Southeast Division

Teams Wins Losses Pct.
Miami 27 7 .794
Orlando 22 13 .629
Atlanta 20 14 .588
Washington 7 26 .212
Charlotte 4 28 .125

–>Miami is more than a basketball team. I don’t know how to describe it but they are so beyond basketball it’s not fair. The rest of the NBA is playing checkers while they’re playing chess. They still struggle in the clutch but that’s not much of a problem when you’re blowing teams out. Not only are they the best team in the league but they are also the most exciting. From full court alley oops to fast breaking that has only been replicated by Showtime, the Heat are a basketball dream. Orlando is in a tough spot. Until the Dwight situation is resolved the Magic can’t go forward. And even if they trade Dwight they aren’t going anywhere until they fire their general manager, Otis Smith. Atlanta has been hit by the injury bug and they don’t have the depth to cope with it. My second favorite team behind the Lakers is now the Washington Wizards. Each player on the team only cares about their own stats and they possess the most interesting character in the NBA, Javale McGee. McGee takes stupidity to another level and I love him for it. I sense I might have to write a column all about McGee and my Wizards.

Let’s move to the West.

Northwest Division

Teams Wins Losses Pct.
Oklahoma City 26 7 .788
Portland 18 16 .529
Denver 18 16 .529
Minnesota 17 17 .500
Utah 15 17 .469

–>Will OKC win this division? Of course, I picked them to get to the finals. Oklahoma City is the perfect regular season team for the lockout. They are young, fast and hungry. Despite their regular season success I worry about them in the postseason. Maybe I expected too much from Durant this season but I really thought he would develop a postup game. This would give the Thunder easy baskets in the halfcourt. Unfortunately he hasn’t gotten that yet and in the playoff they will struggle at times to get baskets. Everyone knows the game slows down in the postseason and having the ability to get baskets in the halfcourt is crucial to postseason success. With the emergence of the Spurs, OKC could be in trouble. I really liked Denver and Portland early in the year but I am slightly concerned with both outfits. Both teams haven’t really tasted success so there confidence is never steady. If they lose, they lose their confidence and because of injuries these teams have been losing. If they can recapture their mojo, and their injured players, they will be serious contenders to make the finals. Minnesota has been America’s team thanks to the best power forward in basketball, Kevin Love, and everyone’s favorite point guard, Ricky Rubio. They might make the playoffs but either way, their upside is great.

Southwest Division

Teams Wins Losses Pct.
San Antonio 24 10 .706
Dallas 21 13 .618
Houston 20 14 .588
Memphis 19 15 .559
New Orleans 8 25 .242

–>Gregg Popovich, just like Javale McGee, deserves his own column. Man is a genius. Is there any other coach who would be on an 11 game win streak and just say fuck it on the 12th game and lose on purpose for the sake of the playoffs? Hell fucking no. Coach Pop just said, “You know, I don’t care about our win streak (11 fucking games- like just think about that- 11 fucking games). Let’s play these loser bench players and rest our starters for the playoffs.” Their team will be rested and rearing to make amends for last season’s humiliating 1st round exit.  I have to stick with my preseason pick in the West but I would really like to change to the Spurs. I won’t but I would really like to. Dallas is regaining their mojo from last year but they are really playing for next season when they hope they can capture Howard and Deron Williams in the summer. For all you Warrior fans wondering if you’ll make the playoffs this season, I have something to say to you. If Kevin McHale was your coach you would be in the playoffs. Guy is working miracles with Houston.

Pacific Division

Teams Wins Losses Pct.
LA Clippers 20 11 .645
LA Lakers 20 14 .588
Golden State 13 17 .433
Phoenix 14 20 .412
Sacramento 11 22 .333

–>Clippers are OKC in the Pacific Division. They don’t have a halfcourt offense, yet. I think they will struggle slightly in the playoffs depending on the teams they play. This much I can say about them, they are the best team in LA. The Lakers are terrible. Kobe shoots too much and Gasol and Bynum are inconsistent. Their bench is just as bad as the Bobcats and their prospects for the future are grim. I pray, as a Laker fan, we don’t play the Clippers because we will be knocked out real quick. The Warriors don’t play any defense to make me say they are a lock for the postseason. 7 spots are gone and that leaves one spot remaining for Houston, Minnesota, Memphis and Golden State to fight for. I’m picking Memphis for the spot if they get Zack Randolph back soon. Otherwise I’m choosing Houston or Minnesota. I can’t trust Curry’s ankles and their defense. Phoenix needs to do Nash a favor and trade him. Someone should create a Free Steve Nash t-shirt.

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The Siddhuey Reviewy: NBA POWER RANKINGS

The NBA is in full flight and I thought it best to have a nice little update before my All Star break update. Here are my Power Rankings.

1. Miami Heat

Although they have struggled recently the Miami Heat top my rankings. They are deeper than they were last year and the speed with which they play at is downright frightening. However, their recent struggles have highlighted some problems. First, they struggle in a half court offense, especially down the stretch. Most teams have a designated “closer” (i.e. Kobe for the Lakers or Carmelo for the Knicks) and anything the offense does down the stretch runs through him. The Heat have not designated a closer. At times they go to LeBron and sometimes to Wade. The resulting effect is a lack of identity in late game situations, thus causing people to throw up ill advised shots – also, players don’t know what positions to take up on the floor. My guess is that the injury to Wade is causing all this mess and once he is healthy, he will take over late in the game and their troubles will disappear. By right now, it’s a bit worrying.

2. Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose keeps getting better and better. His perimeter game has improved this season and his court vision has also improved. I have been impressed with his toughness as well as he is battling a turf toe, yet he continues to play 40 minutes a night. He seems to be on the Kobe path in terms of playing through injuries and his toughness is winning the admiration of fans everywhere and his teammates. Tom Thibodeau and Derrick Rose have instilled a mental toughness in this team that has no rivals, other than maybe the Celtics. As great as the Bulls are I don’t think they have enough scorers to beat the Heat but let’s see how the season shapes up.

3. Oklahoma City

Durant and Westbrook are at each other throats again and we won’t know if this will be a serious problem until the playoffs where the spotlight is at its brightest. Quite simply, the Thunder are deep everywhere and this keeps them fresh throughout the game. My questions about this team center on their offense and coaching. They take way too many jump shots and my fear for them is they won’t be able to get enough easy baskets in crucial games. Also, I don’t trust their coach but their team is so talented that they should win in spite of him.

4. Philadelphia 76ers

I have been pleasantly surprised by the 76ers this season. They are winning games by an average of 15 points; highest in the league. Spencer Hawes is playing out of his mind but I expect him to cool off as the season progresses. With their great young nucleus, they have become one of the more exciting teams in the NBA.

5. Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe has been on fire recently and Bynum might be playing better than Howard right now. The Lakers used to be called Showtime but not they should be renamed Slowtime. They don’t get enough easy baskets in transition and outside of their big three, they have nobody. I don’t expect to be this high in the rankings come the All Star Break but for now they are playing well.

6. Portland Trailblazers

Led by LaMarcus Aldridge the Trailblazers have been one of the surprises of the season. Wesley Matthews is ballin’ and I consider him to be one of the better shooting guards in the NBA. Felton is doing a good job of getting everyone involved and I expect them to make some noise in the postseason.

7. Denver Nuggets

I can’t imagine how good this team will be when some of their players return from playing overseas. Resigning Aaron Affalo was a brilliant move and although I think they overpaid for Nene, he has been making a solid contribution this year. Gallinari looks good as well but I’m not sold on him. The Nuggets are my outside pick to make it to the NBA Finals.

8. Los Angeles Clippers

They haven’t had their back to back to back yet and depending how they do there will determine if they move up or down in my power rankings. Paul looks great and Griffin looks set to become a Hall of Famer when he draws the curtain on his career. Jordan needs to step it up though.

9. Indiana Pacers

Pacer fans will be upset I don’t have them higher but their lack of assists per game is the reason for their place in my standings. Too often their offense is stagnant and this lack of ball movement is troubling. They have a great core of young players and they are well coached but they will need to improve in this area if they are to take that next step as a team.

10.  Dallas Mavericks

They looked to terrible to start the season but solid wins at Boston and against OKC have got them in my top 10. It’s way too early to count them out of a title run in May but they are slow on the perimeter and Odom has yet to be a presence on the team- it should be noted that his play has improved as of late.

11.  San Antonio Spurs

Despite a better record than the Mavs they find themselves lower in my power rankings. I am concerned about Ginobili and Duncan’s retirement is right around the corner. Parker has been good lately and their ability to close out games is second to none.

12.  Orlando Magic

The trade rumors are clearly getting to Howard. At times he isn’t locked in and he doesn’t look committed to what the Magic are doing. Nonetheless, an 80% Howard is better than most players in the NBA and they will probably end up with a top five seed in the East unless Howard is traded.

13.  Atlanta Hawks

The most frustrating team in the NBA. One game they look like a team that is going to make that leap forward and the next game they look like a team that will end up with the first pick. I never know what to make of the Hawks.

14.  New York Knicks

Iman Shumpert is hilarious. He’s a rookie point guard who refuses to pass the ball to his teammates. He makes selfish Kobe look like John Stockton. Obviously he will improve under DAntoni but right now the Knicks looks terrible. I had them winning the division and as of right now that looks like a terrible choice. Melo hobbled off at Memphis a few nights ago and his injury  will be closely monitored by Knicks fans. By the way, if Stoudemire wants to act like a superstar can he start playing like one as well?

15.  Boston Celtics

Many people have counted out the Celtics this season and those people are stupid, in my opinion. The Celtics are mentally tough and they will be a tough team to eliminate in the postseason. Rondo has been playing well despite his name being thrown around in possible trade rumors; that’s the mark of a professional.

16.  Utah Jazz

Not a great team but they are getting wins against teams of a similar caliber and that’s what kept them in playoff contention.

17.  Cleveland Cavaliers

Kyrie Irving has been very impressive this season but the rest of the team is garbage. I really should place them lower but they are currently a playoff team so top 20 is solid. They will not be higher than this spot season.

18.  Minnesota

Barcelona, Spain has been producing quite a few NBA players and Ricky Rubio is the latest such player. Rubio has got the substance and the flash which makes Timberwolves fans very excited. I’ve been back and forth on Kevin Love and right now I think he is more of a stat stuffer than actual superstar. I might change positions on that but as of right now, I’m calling him a stat suffer.

19.  Golden State Warriors

They have one of the worst records in basketball but they don’t lack heart. Nate Robinson has been a good pickup and hopefully Dorrell Wright can continue his hot shooting from the Miami game. Kwame Brown’s injury hurts the Warriors but Curry’s ankle is the worse news. With Curry’s recurring ankle problems will the Warriors give him a $70 million contract in the fall. Food for thought.

20.  Memphis Grizzlies

There is absolutely no reason the Grizzlies should be this low. Even though they have played so poorly this far I should rank them higher but I am so irritated by their play I placed them here. Step it up Grizzlies!

21.  New Orleans Hornets

They have been poor so far but once Eric Gordon comes back they should be okay. They won’t make the playoffs but Gordon will give them a few more wins.

22.  Toronto Raptors

Jose Calderon is the most underrated point guard in the league. Bargnani is stepping it up this year but he still has not fulfilled the expectations people placed on him when he was drafted. Sad thing is, he never will.

23.  Milwaukee Bucks

What to make of Brandon Jennings? Some people think he can be a superstar. But no one ever thought the Bucks fans were sensible. He’s just a scorer. Just another Kevin Martin or Monta Ellis.

24.  Houston Rockets

They are a scrappy team that doesn’t give up but they lack the talent to rack up the wins. I’m surprised Luis Scola hasn’t played better and Kevin Martin is Kevin Martin.

25.  Detroit Pistons

The league should just get rid of this team. No one cares about Pistons basketball except Eminem.

26.  New Jersey Nets

Brook Lopez return will really help them but at this rate I can’t see Deron Williams resigning with the Nets.

27.  Phoenix Suns

It’s an aging team that plays no defense. They should be happy they have actually won a game this season. Suns management isn’t all that bad- they did sign Gortat who I wish the Lakers had signed. He’s solid.

28.  Charlotte Bobcats

Kemba Walker is cool but they are one of the worst run franchises in basketball. Michael Jordan has been a terrible influence on that franchise.

29.  Sacramento Kings

Why draft DeMarcus Cousins when you know he has attitude problems? That team is poorly run and the only thing that can save them is a change in ownership or at the very least, a change in locations. Can you say, Las Vegas Kings?

30.  Washington Wizards

They might not win 10 games this year (I’m exaggerating). John Wall is the only shining light on the team.

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Siddhuey Reviewy: Tintin in 3D

The comics I appreciated, the movie- not so much. “Tintin” is directed by Steven Spielberg and Spielberg’s stock in the movie world is on the decline- “War Horse” has a lot to do with that as well.

Visually the movie is spectacular. We saw it in 3-D and I thought the 3-D was well done. However, the convoluted storyline and relentless action sequences turned this film into a massive bore. Given that I am a huge Tintin fan, I am relatively well versed in the Tintin comics. Spielberg decided to combine two comics to make the movie. The problem is left out too many key moments from the comics to make the movie really tick. Understandably not everything in the comics can be shown in the movie yet there are certain things which must be captured. Spielberg focused too much on the action scenes and not enough the witty dialogue that pervades the Tintin comics.

Jamie Bell as Tintin was a good choice and I didn’t have any problems with him in that role. However, Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock was not the best choice in my view, but not a bad one either.  I always thought of Captain Haddock as angrier and I didn’t like the fact he didn’t drink as much as the comics allowed him to (stupid point but for some reason it bothers me).

The running time on the movie is 1hr and 47 minutes but it feels like a Lord of the Rings epic, except slower. There were times when I felt like leaving but the price of admission kept me seated. Maybe you guys would want to experience the visuals of this movie but I don’t think its worth it. I give this movie a 4/10.

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Siddhuey Reviewy: Home Alone

It’s the holiday season (well, really it’s Christmas season but because of those bloody liberals we have to say the holiday season so as not to offend people- well piss off you wankers!) and nothing makes people happier than watching Home Alone 2. It’s the quintessential holiday (Christmas) movie and today I review it.

Macaulkay Culkin is the greatest child actor ever- above even the Olsen twins. In Home Alone 2 he occupies the rarefied air a Brando or a Day-Lewis would occupy. Culkin is powerful, vulnerable, intelligent and aloof- all at the same time. Matter of fact, the entire cast puts on an acting masterclass and the acting will be studied in schools across the planet.

The movie starts in the same way as the first with Kevin (Culkin) being separated from his parents and his mother doing the typical, “we forgot Kevin routine”. The difference between the first film and this one is location. Kevin is in New York and thanks to his dad’s credit card he gets to say at the Plaza Hotel. At the hotel he meets Dickensian like characters (the hotel staff) who never stop providing the laughs and in Central Park he meets a crazy lady (has the same sort of role the crazy old man did in the first movie) who teaches him about turtle doves.

Eventually the “Sticky Bandits” arrive and all hell breaks loose. I’m always amazed by Kevin’s vindictiveness, as this same malice is often accompanied by a beautiful, gentle nature. His nature was crystallized when he donated that money to the Children’s Hospital and then went back home to destroy those bandits. Rarely are characters in movies so full and effervescing with life and vitality. Kevin is complicated, dark yet humane, soulful yet savage and all of this is captured in two epic Home Alone movies.

If you want a good time this holiday season, put on Home Alone 2 and enjoy yourself. I need not give the movie a rating because it’s great and that’s all that matters (I’d give it a 10/10 if hard pressed to do so).

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