This Video Features Concrete Crew \ Hella Grip Homies Kevin Closson & Jake Sorensen..

Sunrise Scooter Competition at Rusch Skatepark in Citrus Heights, Ca. on May 9th 2015..


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Epic-Tober 2013


Well, there will always come a day when a great thing ceases to exists. Unfortunately, the day’s loss was not only a great thing…it was EPIC!!!

After a somewhat solid five-year run, Epic Indoor Skatepark in Rocklin, CA will have to shut its doors and tear down its pristine ramps. Thanks in part to California’s amazing weather and semi-surplus of equally amazing public skateparks, EPIC will join the list of the state’s many doomed indoor parks. Joining such a “death list” seems to be inevitable for any indoor park in the sunny West Coast area. If you’re still interested in opening an indoor park around these parts, you should probably invest in some rain dancers, snow machines, and local ledge-capping companies. It also helps to charge riders hundreds of dollars to ride your park; something EPIC staff was kind enough not to do to us (What’ up with that, Woodward?).

What’s most shocking about EPIC’s closure is that the announcement came just a single day after another successful EpicTober Scooter Comp, which Hella Grip was a proud sponsor of (We also kinda coined the “EpicTober” name…as if you really cared). Every year, we’ve always looked forward to setting up our booth and sponsoring the EPIC scooter events. Even before Hella Grip was established, I would attend EPIC as a rider because it’s one of the few competition venues that’s street-oriented but located at a skatepark. Once Hella Grip came into the scene, EPIC was awesome enough to offer us the opportunity to set up a promo booth at all the scooter events. They even let The Over Show brings its cameras to shoot/edit the competitions. EPIC’s staff has helped us to promote our young brand as if they were directly invested in its success, which shows how dedicate they’ve been to providing more to the community than just ramps and rails (and $2 pizza slices). Sadly, unfortunate things often happen to people with the best of intentions (kinda like medical helicopter crashes…or when Krispy Kream had to close many of it’s delicious donut distribution departments).

This latest EpicTober edit isn’t just another episode in a series of dope competition videos. It’s more of a video-memorial for all those who’ve visited the park, hoping to sneak in without a wristband just to ride next to Big Ron as he does a lipslide to heelwhip on the 8-raill. Like many scooter comps, EPIC was an amazing venue because it often served as a meeting place for both big-name and no-name riders (It’s true that non-pros don’t have real names, just “dude” “bro” “kid” and “you”). As cliché as it sounds, the competitions were always more about hanging out with friends than competing against one another. We chose to keep this edit a little longer than our previous comp edits so y’all can take an extended look at the medley friends and riders who helped reign in the final event at EPIC Indoor Park. I like to think that this year’s EpicTober was so successful that the owners felt no other choice than to destroy the park because no event would ever feel so fulfilling. But don’t trust my word…see the video for yourself, and then learn how to rain dance.


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The 2013 Sacramento Street Jam

The 2013 Sacramento Street Jam was on Saturday August 10, 2013. It was the first street jam in Sacramento, CA. Hella juiced that we got to be a part of the first Sac Street Jam! Had a lot of fun filming & kick’n it with all the Sac homies. Big shout out to Hella Grip Homie Jake Sorensen for kill’n it all day! And of course the one & only Mr. Andrew Haag, the video doesn’t show it but the Haag killed himself going for that 3 down the double set! Big Thanx to Sac-Edgar (Epic-Edgar) & Ricky Cox.

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Mothership Vid’s

Below are 2 videos that we edited for MotherShip Scooter Shop located in Everett, WA. They are a great group of young & upcoming riders with a killer website The first video was inspired by “Encounters with the 3rd Kind”, the video is some of the team riding a flat rail on a rainy day in a parking lot..

The second video is the 1st part of the Mixtape series by MotherShip. It was filmed in their local Seattle Area & with 2 trips to California in a 5 months span. Video features mothership team riders Jessee Ikedah, Brent Reid, Kingsley Okocha, Mike Montgomery, Jake O’Donnell, and Travis Minion.

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